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DogeBonk is a fluffy token on BSC with deflationary properties and automatic yield generation. 10% tax on each transaction. No presale. Anti-snipe protection.


Create a wallet

This guide shows how to create a wallet in the Trust Wallet app but you can use any other Smart Chain wallet like Metamask.

Download Trust Wallet and set up your account.
Keep your seed phrase a secret, never share it with anyone.


Buy some BNB

  1. BNB is a cryptocurrency that can be swapped to others tokens like DOBO. You can either buy BNB directly in Trust Wallet or get it on an external exchange like Binance or and then send it to your wallet.

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 2.1
  2. Once some BNB is in your wallet, make sure it’s Smart Chain (black icon) and not regular BNB (yellow icon). You can swap regular BNB to Smart Chain in the app.

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 2.2

Go to PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap is an exchange where you can swap one Smart Chain token to another. To do it, you need to connect it to your wallet.

  1. Open in your mobile browser.

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 3.1
  2. Tap the Connect Wallet button.

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 3.2
  3. Tap Wallet Connect and choose Trust.

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 3.3
  4. This should bring the Trust Wallet app with a confirmation screen. Tap Connect.

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 3.4
  5. Go back to the browser. Your wallet should be now connected to PancakeSwap.

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 3.5

Swap BNB to DOBO

  1. Tap Select a currency on the PancakeSwap trading view.

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 4.1
  2. Copy the DogeBonk contract address: 0xAe2DF9F730c54400934c06a17462c41C08a06ED8, make sure it’s correct (check the official website), and paste it to the token field. You may need to wait a moment before PancakeSwap displays the token. If it doesn’t help, refresh the page and try again.

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 4.2
  3. Tap the Import button once the token is loaded.

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 4.3
  4. Approve the import in the next step.

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 4.4
  5. Enter the amount of BNB you want to trade for DOBO. Don’t swap all of your BNB – keep a few dollars worth of BNB to cover future transaction fees!

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 4.5
  6. Almost there! Tap the gear icon and set the Slippage tolerance to 11-15%. Slippage corresponds to the transaction tax and token price volatility. The bigger the percentage, the higher the change of a successful transaction, but you may get respectively fewer tokens.

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 4.6
  7. Tap Swap.

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 4.7
  8. Confirm the transaction in Trust Wallet.
    That’s it! You’re now the proud owner of DogeBonk. If you wish to sell your DOBO in the future, just swap it back to BNB.

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 4.8
  9. If you don’t see DogeBonk in Trust Wallet, you may need to add it manually. Tap the toggle icon in the upper right corner, then find the Add Custom Token button. Tap it and you should see the Add Custom Token screen. Select Smart Chain in the Network field and paste the DogeBonk contract address. The token will be added to the wallet.

    How to buy DogeBonk, screen 4.9